Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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Monday, April 28, 2008


Joey bought me, so that's where I am now! This blog is now defunct.

Please update your RSS feed (which, as you should know by now, stands for Really Super Sweet feed) to this:

My new blog isn't totally set up the way it will be eventually, but it's good enough for who it's for right now and it'll get better as I figure out how to do stuff. Mostly Joey has to do everything right now because I'm not real quick on the technological draw.

So...go to and all your wildest dreams will come true.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sister = Jerk

I just got off the phone with Sister.

"I learned something in my counseling class," she said smugly.

"Oh?" I asked.

"Yes.  I learned that you are not codependent on The Kid, because if that would me that he is dependent on you for survival and that's not true at all," she said.

"HEY!"  I bellowed.

"You are counterdependant.  That's the one that means that you require The Kid for your daily sustenance,"  I could tell she was pleased with herself.

"Whatever, The Kid needs me," I mumbled.

Then she had to go shopping with Grandma or something, so she hung up and went to hang out with everybody cool that's in Indiana...except for me and Joey.  Oh, and Brother and Laura, they're not in Indiana neithers.

We Overslept.

My poor husband.  He's absolutely exhausted and there's nothing I can do about it!  Last night he had signed us up to go to a philosophy lecture at DTS (he said "I want to share my educational experience with you!" so how could I resist?) and it we didn't leave the school until 7:50 p.m.; I had originally thought this thing would by over by 7.  Clearly I had underestimated how many strange/annoying questions certain DTS students (my husband not included) could ask.

We got home and got ready to go for a walk with the dog, who was climbing the walls just like me, and just as we were walking out the door poor Joey said, "I am so tired.  My eye has been twitching for four days. All I want to do is go on this walk, watch an episode of MacGyver, go to bed by 10:30 and then sleep in through spin class in the morning.  Is that OK?"

Well, I did want to go to spin class, but not at the expense of Joey's sanity...because that would be ultimately more frustrating than missing spinning.

So we watched MacGyver, got ready for bed and read for "nine minutes, we can read for nine minutes because, you see, it's 10:21.  I want to go to bed at 10:30 not 10:21."  He wanted to make sure I was using a literal hermeneutic, I guess, and not interpreting him metaphorically.

At 10:30 we set our books down, synchronized our alarm clocks for 6:15 a.m. so Joey would have plenty of time to get to work since he was filming a class the next morning, switched them on and went to sleep.  Just before drifting off, I prayed that Joey would be well-rested and that his eye would stop twitching.

We awoke this morning at 7:45.

Somehow both of our alarm clocks were set correctly, turned on, and had the time set correctly and neither alarm went off.

"HOLY COW," I gasped, shooting upright in bed and looking at the time.  "JOEY, it's 7:45!!"

He sat up faster than I've ever seen him move and the two of us began rushing around like our tails were on fire.  We left the house by 7:53, miraculously, with his lunch thrown together, my makeup bag, and hopefully everything else we needed for the day.

I slapped my makeup on the car (probably applied too much) as we drove, shoved Joey out of the car at DTS and zoomed over to work.

Somehow, I made it in the door at 8:15...half an hour flat after I woke up.  (My hair looks seriously bad.)  The good news is, though, that on the drive in Joey said "Hey, my eye's not twitching anymore!"

"Maybe God wanted to give you some extra sleep?  Clearly we did everything right to avoid oversleeping and can't explain why our alarms didn't go off..." I pondered.

What a great way to start the weekend - getting 9 hours of sleep on Thursday night.  Oy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Look - a picture of Joey and me!
I was irrationally tired last night. It was the kind of tired where what I mean to say and what I actually say gets short circuited and winds up being either:
a.) confusing
b.) wicked strange

To only add fodder to my already delusional state, Joey and I were discussing the new Heaven and new Earth that we'd been talking about in Sunday School. Never discuss Eschatology when extremely tired. It's just not a good idea. Here's a snippet of our conversation last night, sometime after 10:30 p.m.

"I think what I want to do most of all is to go back to that Panda Breeding Center in China that we saw when we were there. I want to see the Pandas again and hold a baby would be like the best day of my life," I sighed.

"Better than the day we got married?" Joey had me trapped.

"Oh. Um. Not quite that good," I hedged.

After a short pause, I thought of something that was potentially even better.

"So, when we are living in the new Earth do you think we'll have jobs? Like, can I be a caretaker of baby Pandas?" I asked Joey.

"Um, I don't know.'d probably like that a lot." Joey replied.

"I think that in the new Earth someday, we won't be worshiping God 24/7," I said, almost asleep at this point.

"Oh?" Joey asked. I had piqued his interest with this one.

"No...sometimes people have to be taking care of the Pandas..." I mumbled.

I didn't think anything of this remark, mostly because I was almost asleep, until I heard Joey muttering, "I need my own blog or something so I can post these kinds of things...but nobody would believe me anyway."

"What?" I woke up a little bit.

"Sometimes people have to be taking care of the Pandas?!" Joey asked, incredulously, "You are way tired, that's like the craziest thing I ever heard!"

He's right, you know.

Never mind that in the new Earth Pandas will very likely not be endangered anymore and therefore won't need to be taken care of by humans, but it's hard to explain that to an irrationally tired person who was just discussing Eschatology.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The First Annual Jenna Loves Joey Day

For the record, I love Joey every day.  But is special for no other reason than that he wasn't (really) expecting anything today.

About a month ago, Laura said "I have this great idea for the boys!"  She proceeded to describe her great idea - which was/is truly great - and that was to hang signs and posters all over DTS outside the boys' classrooms, by the mail box, outside the chapel, etc.  A week ago we got together and made signs while Joey studied.  He thought we were just hanging out but he was wrong. 

We each made plenty of signs and then hid them all over Laura's house to dry, hoping that Danny - her husband - wouldn't find them.  Laura snapped some pictures of our creativeness on my camera.  I'd post the pictures, but I think Joey took the camera out of my purse because it's not in there.  (At least I hope that's where it is.)

Laura had bought a ton of sidewalk chalk which we used to make the posters, and we thought it would be fun to chalk the sidewalks at DTS.  But we thought we might need to ask/tell the DTS Police before we did it so that we wouldn't get shot or anything...those guys are totally armed.  So on Monday morning, I put in a call to the DTS Police who sent me to Student Services who, several hours later, told me that no, chalking the sidewalks is not appropriate, nor is posting any signs for our husbands because it's too public.  They didn't really want to start that and then wind up having to clean things up all the time, and I can see their position.  DTS is, after all, a very serious institution of higher education. <sigh>

So...there we were. Kiboshed.  And after almost a month of planning!  The original plan was scrapped and Laura and I decided to do our own things for our respective husbands.  Since I'd contacted Student Services and they knew who I was (and who my husband is!), it seemed like a pretty bad idea to go ahead and do it anyway, especially since that would more than likely shame Joey instead of encourage him...what with me knowing it wasn't allowed and all.  Plus I didn't want him getting sat down in Dr. Garippa's office because his wife was out of line.

Plan B: chalk the sidewalks around our apartment complex (Joey was riding his bike to school today) and post the signs intended for his classrooms along his route. Leave several legal surprises for him at DTS.

left the house late last evening under the guise of taking Henry outside but I was really going to write little lovey-dovey chalk messages on the sidewalks. JOEY (the snitch!) came out to find me!  I was real mad at him for ruining the surprise and sent him back in the house immediately.  (He had also found the pictures on my camera earlier...)

I set my alarm 7 minutes early this morning and RAN to the Dumpster where I taped up a huge sign, and then ran out to Shady Brook where I stuck 3 signs in the grass at intervals down the road, one for each word of "I Love Joey".  Then I ran back inside like nothing had happened and was relieved to find Joey still asleep.

At 6:45 I left the house in the car, sped to DTS where I put a bouquet of balloons outside his office door and did a couple of other non-public and OK by Student Services things that I'm not sure he's found yet, so I'm not going to tell you.  Hopefully all his coworkers, at least, think he's the man and know that his wife loves him since the entire student body doesn't get to be in on the surprise.  C'est la vie.

I figure I'll do something like this annually...but not on the same date.  Gotta keep Joey on his toes and all.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet our friends!

From left to right we have: Casey & Rachel (and Mikylah but she's not born yet), Me & Joey, Laura Wilkerson & Josh, Laura Stiller & Danny, Becca & Luke.

As far as doggies go, there's Merlin, Henry (who is not facing the camera) and Riley.

We met at White Rock for some Frisbee and hanging out on Sunday and, in the course of playing Frisbee, Laura W threw the Frisbee to Laura S and the wind caught wound up BOINKing into a mid-life-crisis-type-guy's Corvette. He was standing right there, too, and he looked NONE TO HAPPY at poor Laura S when she went to retrieve the Frisbee from the ground. She apologized nicely, too, as all the rest of us ran away like five year olds.

Later, as we were getting ready to go to see the ducks, I said to Laura W, "Smile!" It was extremely convenient that she was standing right in front of the Corvette when I took her picture...
I'm probably going to get in trouble for this one.

Baby Pandas

I found this wicked cute video of some rolly-polly pandas on NPR's website. I recommend watching it as soon as possible. I've watched it twice in the last half an seems to have some kind of addictive quality to it.

Joey's New Toy

Joey has been saving his pennies from selling off the stockpile of paintball equipment. His goal was to purchase a paintball pistol with said money.


Joel Wires got a new lens for his camera and Joey became monstrously jealous. He considered the stash of cash he had in his drawer and thought to himself If I didn't buy a paintball pistol, which I really won't use that much anyway, I have enough money to buy a lens like Joel's!

So that's why, as I was in the bathroom plucking my eyebrows, he leaned against the door and said, "I think I won't get that pistol after all. I think I'll buy a lens for my camera."

"OH?" I asked, secretly pleased that he wouldn't be buying that pistol after all...I don't like guns...

"Yeah, I think it will be more awesome. Plus I have enough money."

And with that, his mind was made up and he purchased his lens on the very next day.

It looks like this: And it's called this: Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Nikkor Lens

Congratulations on your new toy, honey!

The Monday Night Randoms

Monday, unfortunately, is ironing night.  I hate ironing, it makes me want to poke my eye out.  Joey knows this, too, because I always make sure he knows how much I hate it before I dive on it...some weeks I even ask him to set up the ironing board so that I'm roped into doing it.  You know, once the ironing board is up you can't very well just take it down without ironing because that would be lame.

I decided Monday night would be ironing night a couple weeks ago.  I wasn't doing it on Saturday, my previous ironing day, and that was causing major pile-up problems and Joey could find himself without his favorite shirt, which we cannot have.

So I ironed.  I also called my Pops to tell him that it was 84 degrees in my house and I was going to die from heat exhaustion.  (Never let it be said that I was not an overly dramatic person. I think, actually, that Sister may be worse.  I'm not sure how this is possible since Mom is the least dramatic person I know, but it is.)  In relating to Pops my activities of the day, something I did - or hadn't done - caught his horror and he said "OH!  Jenna!  Don't you know better?"

Of course I probably did at one point but, as Joey said, Pops may have tried to teach me something (like how to change the oil, for example) and I either forgot really fast or categorically refused to remember it.  It's really not Pops' fault.  Or Mom's, for that matter.

Anyway, after about 10 minutes Pops decided that he'd probably better talk to Joey in order to offer him some comic relief (from me, presumably) and the two of them discussed what's wrong with me for awhile (I'm getting sick of catered lunches at work and wish I could take my own - Pops feels no sorrow for me and neither does Joey) before moving on to more enlightening topics like Dad's cows and the condition of their grass.

After finishing the ironing and talking to Pops on the phone (he left to go check on the cows' grass with Mom, who is scared of cows) I moved on to editing Joey's paper for his New Testament Introduction class taught by Hoehner.  It was one of those 10-pagers and he was arguing the authenticity of 2nd Peter and making a case for Petrine authorship vs. pseudepigraphal or pseudonymous authorship.  It was actually quite interesting, but I used up almost an entire pen's worth of ink on the first three pages. Good thing I went to Bible college I guess.

So that was my Monday night. 

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Brother Andrew: Smarter Than You

I called my Pops last night to tell him that Charles Ryrie was at our church on Sunday. (It's not every day you have the guy who wrote [notes in] your Bible at your church neithers.) He was baptizing his grandson who apparently goes to our church.

Anyways, in the course of the conversation, turns out Pops was in Ames on Saturday watching my brother Andrew (he's like some kind of rocket scientist basically) and his senior engineering team fly their helicopter for their final project. His project is sponsored by some big aerospace firm, but Andrew says I can't tell you who they are because they wouldn't want to be associated with the likes of me. This helicopter, apparently, was made 10 years ago and never had a successful flight until my brother Andrew (ta da!) stepped on the scene.

Andrew and his team didn't think the helicopter would hover but, as you can see from this video that Pops took (you can hear him crowing with jubilation about 1:15 into it) the helicopter clearly hovers. Oh, that's my brother holding the chopper thingys.

So Dad said that every time the helicopter malfunctioned, Andrew was the go-to guy. He was like flying 500 mpg giving orders and throwing parts here and there...pretty amazing stuff. Pops even said that one time before the problem was diagnosed, some parts of it fell apart in Andrew's hands (imagine my Pops' dramatic retelling, complete with extreme intonations and gasps) but Andrew was able to fix them with the greatest ease, once they drove to Urbandale to pick up a part that was $1.50.

I'd totally have been there if I didn't live in the Texas. This is the time of year when it's lame to live 732 miles from home, particularly when it involves younger brothers being awesome. But this is why I have a blog so I can post this kind of stuff on it and pretend like I was there.

But to hear Pops tell it (which is almost as good as being there), Andrew basically saved the day, passed college and brokered world peace, all in one afternoon.

Good thing he's my brother. I'm wicked proud of him.